A Round and Around Home Renovation

When you open a book, words swirl through your mind. Opening a window, cars and trains rush between cities. These actions seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors. In a world trending towards non-ownership, this architect’s home was designed amidst cherished items gathered over time, each carrying a piece of his past self.

According to Arch Daily, the site is located in a densely populated residential area at the foot of Tokyo Skytree. Despite being just a room in an apartment complex, its location allows for a direct experience of urban dynamics, as a main road passes right in front of the building, and local trains run closely at the same level as the room. The existing room had already been refurbished by a real estate resale company. There was an impression that the unique potential of the flat’s planar structure was being subdued. In this renovation, we perceived the already renovated finishings as a certain terrain or context. The aim was to explore the nature of a private living space that expands as a part of the overall urban activity, influencing the entire space with minimal intervention yet maximum impact by “parasitizing” the existing context.

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