Hiring An Architect? Questions To Ask First

For the client and the architect to have a better experience, understanding the process of hiring and working with an architect for new home construction or remodeling projects is key, as the process of hiring an architect for a custom home design, or for remodeling rooms and spaces in an existing home, can be rather intimidating.

Though all professional services are relative, with vision and training, a space can be transformed into a place that evokes happiness for years to come.

According to Acme Brick, “clients don’t need to have everything figured out before they engage an architect. They just need to know what problem they need to solve and an idea of what they want in the end. It’s the architect’s job to help them collaboratively get from Point A to Point B,” says Marc Frame, a principal of TexMod Architecture/TexMod Homes.

“I think a lot of clients think of architects as a commodity—someone who just draws lines on paper,” Frame said. I try to communicate that architects are problem solvers who utilize visual drawings to communicate a solution to the problem with both a functional and aesthetic aspect. Draftsmen are individuals who just draw lines on paper but aren’t trained to take everything into account that an architect would.”

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