Is Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Coming Back in Style?

Among the debatable design topics are wall-to-wall carpeting. And whether you’re for or against this controversial trend, there has been a noticeable uptick reported in designs with this floor treatment.

Four designers were surveyed The Spruce to find out the status of this trend and overall feelings towards it, and the answers were surprising.

According to Microsoft Start, Designers are often able to get a pulse on the popularity of design choices based on what their clients are requesting. Three of the designers we surveyed have noticed their clients asking for wall-to-wall carpeting more often in the following spaces as of late.

Liz Goldberg, founder and creative director at CAROLYNLEONA by Liz Goldberg, says many of her clients are currently requesting carpet in their home’s bedrooms, with the exception of the primary bedroom.

“More of our clients lean towards wall-to-wall carpeting in their kids and guest bedrooms rather than hardwood with layered rugs,” she says. “Then, they add hardwoods to their main bedroom when the budget allows.”

Installing wall-to-wall carpet instantly brings warmth and texture, which is perfect for creating a cozy abode that feels comfortable resting in.

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