Lessons from an Award-Winning Remodeler and Designer

In 2008, Elliott Pike established ELM Construction LLC, a residential design and remodeling company in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Since then, ELM has experienced consistent profitable growth, largely due to Pike’s meticulous team-building efforts. Fostering a positive and collaborative work environment remains a top priority for him.

According to the NAHB, at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Pike was named NAHB’s 2023 Remodeler of the Year.

Pike reflects on winning the award, the keys to building an exceptional team, trends he’s watching in the remodeling industry and more below.

Why did you apply for NAHB’s Remodeler of the Year award? 

There are a few reasons why I applied. Probably first and foremost is this is a very prestigious award and helps us show our commitment to excellence in our industry as well as to our employees, trade partners and customers. It can also serve as a benchmark comparing ELM Construction to the best!

In your application, you emphasized your dedication to cultivating a strong team. How do you think this has impacted your company’s success?

Realizing the value that great people add is crucial for any company. At ELM, our team members must be at least qualified, but more importantly, they must embrace our collaborative and client-focused culture. 

Imagine bringing in a superstar carpenter with incredible skills who clashes with the team. It wouldn’t work. Luckily, the search for the perfect cultural fit – although incredibly challenging – can be incredibly rewarding. Finding someone who thrives in our environment and complements the team’s strengths is what truly fuels our success.

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