Midtown Home Remodel Honors the Past While Embracing the Present

Entering this remodeled home on Rockford Road feels like embarking on a journey through time, where the past’s memories blend seamlessly with the modern tastes and needs of its current owners.

The Rockford house was once the childhood home of one of its present owners. Even after he grew up and moved out, his parents continued to live there for a total of 50 years.

According to Tulsa People, for the homeowners, Barnes was the obvious choice for an interior designer. She previously worked with the family on their old home and impressed the homeowners with her eye for color and ability to collaborate. 

“I always knew Laura was our girl,” the homeowner says. “She did such a great job for me in our prior house that I knew she would be the perfect person for this new project.” 

Besides preserving the home’s historical integrity while incorporating modern updates for the young family, the homeowners also outlined several additional goals with Barnes at the start of the process. Practicality was key: the family wanted spaces that were beautiful, yet livable, where both children and guests would feel at ease and welcomed. They wanted the home to have a light and airy feel, and for each room to flow effortlessly while maintaining its individual function. 

Both Barnes and the homeowners emphasize the importance of color in the Rockford house’s design. Barnes says she determined which colors to use by thinking about which colors suited the family, based on their appearances, personalities and the stages of life they are in.

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